Two new figures have just joined the Ame-Comi PVC figure collection and they’re adding a bit of Green Lantern-verse appeal to the line!

STAR SAPPHIRE, Hal Jordan’s longtime love and a superhero in her own right, capable of some pretty incredible things as she uses love, desire and her own brand of awesome to take on any challengers. As Queen of the Zamaronians, she and hers bring a lighter touch to the world of the Lantern Corps.–that is, when she isn’t kicking butt and taking names.

And if you’re a GL fan, then check out JADE, daughter of Alan Scott and lady love of Kyle Rayner, she’s a gorgeous girl who, in this Ame-Comi rendering, seems to be making her own fun.

Jade jams! With a groovy beat and far-out clothes, the daughter of Alan Scott charges the music with a little bit of Emerald Energy.