Carey Price NHL Hockey Series 26 White Jersey Variant Chase Figure

Montreal’s next up and coming superstar who is expected to carry the Habs to the Cup is….Carey Price.  Check out the white jersey variant chase version (which is limited to 1,500 pieces):

Carey Price White Jersey FigureNow we also have the classic red jersey version below:

Carey Price Red Jersey FigureI know what you are thinking….hey, that pose looks very familiar!  Now check out the picture of Roberto Luongo below:

Roberto Luongo Canucks Jersey Action FigureWait, don’t leave yet….Now check this Team Canada Figure:

Roberto Loungo Team Canada FigureTwo different players….in four different uniform colors….but all in one identical pose.  What do you guys think?  Please post your comments.  What do you collectors think?  Does it bother you?  Are you cool with it?  I would like your feedback.