Blog Rec: Disney’s Hidden Secrets on Tumblr!

Disney Hidden Secrets is a Tumblr collecting bits of trivia about your favourite Disney animated movies. A good but highly addictive read (like so many Tumblrs!), it’s put together by someone with a true love of the films and it’ll keep you busy for ages as you discover everything from hidden Mickeys to behind-the-scenes action. Here are a few samples!

In the hotel scene, Stich carrying a rose was inspired by an animation student that was known to give flowers to the animators (and other animation students) at the annual Disney Institute animation classes.

The scene where Mulan disarms Shan-Yu with a fan shows an actual martial art technique.

Animator Eric Goldberg supervised the animation of Tiana’s “Almost There” fantasy sequence, which was based on the art of African-American painter Aaron Douglas, one of the major figures of the Harlem Renaissance. Goldberg had previously directed the stylized “Rhapsody In Blue” segment in Fantasia/2000 (1999), which was based upon the work of Al Hirschfeld. The fantasy sequence eschewed the Toon Boom Harmony pipeline of the rest of the film; the animators’s line drawings were scanned into Photoshop and composited using Adobe After Effects.