NEW Harry Potter Trailer and Upcoming Toys!

That’s the latest trailer for the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last two entries and final chapter of the incredible Harry Potter franchise. I am absurdly excited for these movies to come out and for a chance to see my favourite characters and actors (Bill Nighy is going to be worth the price of admission all on his own. This I know.) at it again–or for the first time. Naturally, I am far from alone in my anticipation and I have a ton of friends and family members awaiting this with just as much Keen (with a capital K) as I.

And, of course, as an action figure aficionado I am excited to see that NECA will be bringing yet more highly-detailed figures to my life and my display shelf. The Deathly Hallows brings three new figures in its first wave in 2011: Harry Potter, Fenrir Greyback and another Severus Snape (yess!!!), available as both individual figures and as a set of three. Irritatingly enough, there are no pictures as yet, but you can pre-order them or take a look at all the other figures available in our collection, from 7-inch figures, deluxe packs and box sets to Harry Potter LEGO toys that let you recreate the films with a build-it-yourself touch. You can visit the whole section by clicking the famous font below!