Eternal Image is a company that specialises in creating “brand-name memorial products”: headstones, urns, caskets and other such items with an added twist. Was your loved one a baseball fan? Well, the MLB offers urns and caskets that incorporate favourite teams and their logos. A cat fancier or maybe the best friend of a loyal canine companion? Cat Fancy and The American Kennel Club have created something for them. And, of course, “Precious Moments” characters provide some comfort to those saying goodbye. But now, a new market is being reached: Trekkies.

How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life, wouldn’t you say? – James T. Kirk

Both officially-licensed headstone medallions and urns are available from the site and help connect people to the fandom they love, even in death. Definitely a strange item, but a touching one given the fact that Star Trek’s fans tend to be some of the world’s most loyal and devoted. So check out Eternal Image if you’d like to learn more.