We’ve recently gotten a few new Ghostbusters figures in stock, plus a bunch set up for pre-orders! They can all be seen in our GHOSTBUSTERS section

From Slimer to Venkman, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to Walter Peck, we’ve got a ton of the 6-inch figures, collectible statues and banks that fans of the film franchise will be absolutely sure to love. They’ll be extra helpful in bridging the gap between now and the arrival of the inevitable-yet-endlessly-far-away Ghostbusters III, slated for 2012.

But one of the most anticipated items and probably one of the awesomest is for those who don’t just want to collect toys of the Ghostbusters, but play one themselves. Check it out!

The Mattel Replica PKE Meter is a hand-held ghost-seeker you can use to find all the phantoms lurking around your own home. With extending ‘wings’, flashing lights and movie-accurate sounds, it’ll make you feel like you just joined the group! This pre-order ships in January 2011, eons before the film hits theatres. đŸ˜‰

For a preview, here’s a video of the Meter in action!