We’re getting in even more SDCC exclusives, straight from July’s Comic Con to our shelves! If you weren’t able to hit up the Comic Con this year, then make sure to check our New Arrivals section for every new release that comes in. And for now, here’s the profile of one of the items we recently added to our stock, direct from the Con! It’s a Generation One-style Transformer that’s sure to please fans of the massive franchise.


You may want to look again, because what you thought was just a retro boombox is actually a “ROBOT IN DISGUISE!” Hasbro is excited to offer Comic-Con International attendees its TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT BLASTER Special Edition figure. Designed in the character’s classic 1984 styling, this special AUTOBOT BLASTER figure includes its three cassette tapes/battle companions: STEELJAW, RAMHORN and EJECT.