The Montreal Comic Con: Post-Con

The Montreal Comic Con has come and gone and we had a blast! Our booth was set up, we sold a ton of awesome items and we got to meet fellow fans, see a bunch of geekdom celebrities and watch a parade of costumes stroll past! Here’s a look at our CMDStore/Toys on Fire booth!

On the day of the Con, the Gazette posted a great article about the events going down at Place Bonaventure!

If, like me, you’ve spent years wondering who would win if Batman and Spiderman pretended to fight using folding chairs and histrionics, then this weekend’s Montreal Comic-Con at Place Bonaventure is for you.

Featuring superhero wrestling by local pros, a costume masquerade and the chance to fire Nerf guns at Stormtroopers, imagine someone melted down the entirety of pop culture and used it to build an amusement park.

The convention, run by Alex La Prova and Oscar Yazedjian, is in its third year. The inaugural event drew about 800 people, but this year, La Prova expects between 5,000 and 6,000 people. “We actually expanded the show floor to close to 40,000 square feet … to accommodate all the extra events and the increase in popularity,” he said.

La Prova attributes the rising interest to the way comic books have infiltrated pop culture. “It’s video games, it’s toys, it’s (Hollywood). … Every big medium these days has a direct link and tie to comic books,” La Prova said.

As such, the event spans a wide variety of interests.

The time-travelling DeLorean from the Back to the Future films will be on display, Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments will be held, and special guests include the French voice cast of The Simpsons and horror hostess Elvira.

And, obviously, Star Wars. Along with appearances by actors Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams and Maria de Aragon, the Con will be graced by the Quebec-based Imperial Fortress unit of the 501st Legion, an international Star Wars costuming group that makes appearances for charity. About 15 Fortress members will be appearing at the Con, member Stephen Beaupre says.

“We just got some Nerf guns, and we’re going to do a Stormtrooper shootout. So, if people want to give money, they’ll be able to blast at a Stormtrooper,” he explained.

But don’t expect to see any Jedi Knights, adds Beaupre, whose own costumes include a snowtrooper, bounty hunter Dengar and a clone trooper. “Some of us do Rebel stuff (on the side), but we don’t really talk about it.”

Of course, plenty of attention will be paid to comic pros, especially Montrealers.

“We like to (promote) local artists,” La Prova said. “They all have their tables to sketch and sign.”

“It’s nice to have a local Con,” artist Kelly Tindall added. “The fans get to know you after a while.”

Tindall, a Montrealer whose creations include paranormal investigator Archie Snow and webcomic That’s So Kraven, which replaces Raven Simone’s sitcom character with a Spiderman supervillain like a psychotic mash-up album, has attended several conventions and finds Montreal’s has its own unique charm.

“There’s not really anything like it here,” he said. “It’s a big draw for creators, too, because Montreal is such a lovely city.”

Tindall will spend the Con drawing fan requests of characters both popular and obscure, occasionally in bizarre situations.

“It’s like any other trade show, except instead of trying to hock your Shamwows, you get to draw pictures of an overweight Galactus, or Apocalypse and his four My Little Ponies.”

And don’t forget! Comic up NEXT in Montreal Cons is our very own event, the MONTREAL TOYCON, a convention where you can expect to get some great deals on awesome items from Bakugan to NHL Hockey, Beyblade to the DC Universe. It all goes down October 17th, 2010 and you can check out the Official ToyCon site for more details!