HALO REACH: New Figures Have Arrived!

Halo fans can now snag the newly-arrived HALO REACH 6-inch action figures over at CmdStore! Though the vehicle section reminds on pre-order, we’ve just gotten a shipment of the character figures, both in one- and two-packs–all of which can be purchased individually or in sets of the entire series. Here’s a look at what you’ll see in each one!

Noble 6 with Assault Rifle
Jorge with Jorge’s Machine Gun
Emile with Shotgun, Knife
Spartan with Assault Rifle
Elite with Needler
Grunt with Plasma Pistol

Spartan 2-pack: two customized Spartan Soldiers in classic red & blue team colors
UNSC Trooper 2-pack: two UNSC troopers in a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ version
Noble 6 & Elite 2-pack: features a unique version of both – ONLY available in this set