New 3.75-Inch Scale (Over 2 feet all!) AT-AT

The new 3.75-inch scale IMPERIAL AT-AT joins the ever-growing collection of Star Wars vehicles and looks great doing it.

The AT-AT, or Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport, stands over TWO FEET TALL, in perfect scale with the 3.75-inch Star Wars figures to offer the massive, imposing presence that marked its appearances in the Star Wars Universe–most prominently in the Battle of Hoth.

This figure itself comes with a Speeder Bike figure, as well as an AT-AT Driver and can lower and retract a rappelling line from its underside. More than that, though, it boasts “light-up reciprocating chin guns, a light-up command section, battle and vehicle sounds and firing side-mounted blasters to bring the excitement of the intergalactic saga straight to your living room!” And what’s more, you can fit a whopping 19 figures in the AT-AT body, meaning that, on top of a toy, it might make for some pretty decent themed storage space!

Check it out!