Coming Soon: The Return of HardCore Nerdity!

The premiere social network for geeks, Hardcore Nerdity has been down for some time, needing to upgrade its servers to properly accommodate the teeming masses in desperate need of their nerd fix.

Well, finally, it seems to be on its way back! A site-wide e-mail and a pre-Fan-Expo message posted on their main page suggests that the long wait is nearly at an end and fans can expect the return of Jonathan Llyr’s magnum opus very, very soon!


What has it been like to live two full months without our beloved HcN? Well, we got to know our loved ones better, took our precious puppy out for a walk and rediscovered the glory that is “fresh air”. We went to family gatherings, played sports, maybe even went for a swim. We saw movies, we read books, we dusted off that unfinished model of the Millenium Falcon and now it’s slightly less unfinished.

But fear not, oh loyal HcNers, your living torment is close to an end.

For HcN is returning soon! How soon? Like . . . dude . . . really soon. But all great things are worth the wait, and we would be remiss in giving you a site that was only half its potential. So some final tweaks are being twacked, and nits are being picked.

“I don’t trust you!” you say. “You have deserted us. How can we believe a word you say??”

Believe it my friends, believe it. For here we have proof – a screen cap of the new and improved and snazzy HcN:

Adding to that we are still hard at work gathering super awesome content for the site, and will be present at FanExpo this weekend like every year so do seek us out!

In the immortal words of the great Douglas Adams: Don’t panic. And in the even more immortal words of the Governor of California: We’ll be back. And when we’re back, you’d better believe we’ll be driving that truck through the wall in style.

Thanks for visiting Stay tuned!
– the HCN Team