Pre-Order: Splinter Cell’s SAM FISHER by NECA

NECA’s new addition to its Player Select line catalogue of video game figures is a figure long awaited by fans: SPLINTER CELL’S Sam Fisher! Dressed in the more casual duds seen in Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam cuts an impressive figure in this a brilliantly-designed 7-inch figure. Another plus is that it boasts a number of weapons as accessories, removable body armour, a backpack and, on top of that, unlike many NECA items, Sam features 20 points of articulation.

It’s the first-ever figure of the character and an item that’ll probably go pretty quick once it goes on sale–which means you might want to pre-order this one to get it ASAP when it ships in October!

And to tide you over while the figure is headed your way, you can read up on a rumour posted over at Lazy Gamer that suggests PS3-users will soon be able to get on-board with some XBox Splinter Cell goodness!

Has Ubisoft decided to release one of the Xbox 360’s premier exclusives onto the PS3? According to a product listing on PS3 owners will be receiving the Splinter Cell Trilogy on the 2nd of November this year.

Not to be mistaken for Splinter Cell Conviction, the trilogy was released onto the PC 3 years ago and has already seen the light of day on the PS2 so this may not be a sign of things to come.

But then again, it is becoming less viable to stay exclusive to a single platform and with Amazon also listing the Prince of Persia trilogy for the PS3 we may be seeing the end of this particular exclusive.

And if you ARE an XBox 360-user and want to snag yourself a copy of Conviction, look no further!

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction