Marvel and Sideshow’s HULKBUSTER IRON MAN

Wearing the most powerful version of his suit ever made, Tony Stark stands ready to take on the Incredible Hulk in this stunning new comiquette from Marvel and Sideshow.

Built for the day when friends turn into foes, the Hulkbuster suit turns Iron Man into a force equal or greater in power to the mean, green fighting machine that is the transformed Bruce Banner. And this Sideshow statue captures all the power of Iron Man’s newest design in a 21-inch package that is as impressive on your toyshelf as it likely was when Stark rolled it out.

As with all of the Sideshow statue, the Hulkbuster Iron Man is handpainted, sculpted and molded to exacting standards and represents some of the most brilliant comic book figure work on sale today. Check out the whole collection of Marvel/Sideshow collaborations here.