BLOG REC: Elise Archer’s Harley Quinn Aid!

Elise Archer is more than just a cosplayer. She’s a blogger, a revier, a burlesque performer, a clown, a writer and perhaps the biggest Harley/Joker fan out there! Many might know her only as the Harley in this very popular pic that seems to have made the internet rounds…

..but there is so much more to know, and to read, about this wonderful Australian lady who not only organised a Harley Quinn meet-up at this year’s SDCC (Harleypalooza!) but got both Paul Dini and Mark Hamill to join in the fun! Read more here.

So all I can say about this brilliant fangirl is that you should check out her tumblr and, from there, take a look at everything else she’s done. She’s beautiful, funny and, most importantly, an extremely intelligent writer whose insight on comics is incredibly refreshing!

Check her out!