STAR WARS: Black and Silver VINTAGE Series

Star Wars was among the first big, collectible action figure lines available to fans and also one of the earliest ones to go fully mainstream, inviting huge numbers to pick up the classic black and silver packages featuring 3.75-inch renderings of the main members of the massive Star Wars universe. Of course, since those days, the toys have multiplied and we’ve seen their every permutation as they continue to spread throughout the world and as the stories of Star Wars continue on into the present day. But in a tip of the hat to the old retro packs, Lucasarts brings you the latest series of items from their Vintage Collection! Here’s a look at 2010’s newest wave.

Included in this group, which is snaggable as both individual figures or a set of all 11, are the following characters:
– Dengar
– Hoth Leia
– Hoth Hangar Han
– Bespin Luke
– Darth Vader
– Cloud Car Pilot
– AT-AT Commander
– Boba Fett
– C-3PO
– Dak
– 4-LOM

And if you’e looking for something slightly less retro, then you might also want to check out another new arrival, this brand new Comic 2-pack: Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep. Unpronounceable, but cool:

They join the complete collection of Extended Universe comic 2-packs over at!