THE GREEN HORNET: Two New Figures in October

The Green Hornet girls were out in full force at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, building the hype for the upcoming Seth Rogen picture that brings back a hero the current generation is generally unfamiliar with. Here’s a look at the trailer…

Of course, fans of the original series or just the franchise as they’re used to might find the comedic take a little off-putting, but I think I’ll reserve my judgment for when I watch it (because I know I will) and just hope that the cast and crew do a bang-up job. Who knows? Maybe Seth Rogen will pull this one off.

But beyond the film itself, of course, you can expect one thing: collectibles. Beyond the pins, stickers, bags and various promo items, figures are a must-have for any big, (super?)heroic movie. And Mezco delivers! Here’s a look at the two figures we have available on pre-order, snaggable either as a set of both the Green Hornet and Kato or as individual fiures.