SILLY BANDZ: Beach Shapes 24-Pack

Silly Bandz fan? Then there’s good news coming your way in the form of a new 24-pack of bracelets known as the BEACH SHAPES PACK. As you might imagine, the trend is showing no signs of slowing and we’ve got an absolutely huge collection of these things in our complete Silly Bandz collection.

And, of course, as with so many of the trends before it, the mainstream media–Hollywood included–seems to have gotten in on it, too. Here’s an article from CMT telling the story of how one popular country musician might be getting carried away by the Silly Bandz wave!

Have you seen these colorful elastic bands that kids are wearing by the dozens up and down each wrist? These Silly Bandz are shaped like animals, letters, signs and in Tim McGraw’s case, musical instruments. A 9-year-old girl, Megan Robertson, who was at his concert in Bristow, Va., set one aside just for him. She had seen him jog right by her on her walk into the venue and she was later moved toward the front of the stage during the show.

According to the local news, McGraw reached down to Robertson at one point and she slipped a guitar-shaped Silly Band onto his wrist. Then, as if that was not enough thrill for one night, McGraw had her join him onstage when he sang “Tiny Dancer.” She told, “He’s my dream, and I just got to live it! It’s just so amazing.” I hope McGraw thinks of how he made that girl’s night every time he sees his Silly Band.