Angelina Jolie at Comic Con: CONFIRMED

I’m heading out to Comic Con next Tuesday and this news is…well, pretty awesome! I admit I don’t think I’ll be braving the lines to see this show, but it’ll be neat to say I was in the same building, right? And I’m sure this is going to make a lot of queue-friendly people extremely happy…


From The Hollywood Reporter

There’s been speculation, but now I have confirmation: Angelina Jolie is heading to Comic-Con, I’ve been told.

Jolie is one of the very few actresses who opens action movies, and her latest, “Salt,” opens the Friday during the Con, which runs from Wednesday, July 21, to Sunday, July 25.

Columbia, which is releasing “Salt,” will be showing off its wares on Thursday and Friday, and “Salt” is being staged after the “Battle: Los Angeles” presentation Thursday.

Jolie will be on that stage.

The actress’ appearance has been speculated ever since it was known that the studio would make “Salt” part of their Hall H presentation. But the actress has been everywhere promoting the movie, and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t show up there to make one powerful impression on the people who eat action movies up. Columbia had no comment.

Now the other question still unanswered is whether Brad Pitt will make an appearance. Pitt is part of the voice cast in DreamWorks Animation’s “Megamind,” and while the company has said cast members Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill and director Tom McGrath will be at the Con, Pitt’s involvement has yet to be confirmed.