Ghostbusters’ SLIMER from Solid Thought

I tend to think that I’m relatively well-versed in the action figure industry as it is today, knowing most of the companies, their licenses and styles, and being generally aware of the big players thanks to having worked here at CmdStore for a few years now. But the Solid Thought Corporation was admittedly a new one to me.

On the plus side, they seem to be new to everybody. Emmy award-winning Steve Johnson, an effects artist and a wizard of sculpting and crafting joined forces with Paul Francis, the creator of a number of brilliant collectibles to form Solid Thought and though it doesn’t have a great deal of merch yet, you can be sure this is a partnership that’s going to create some incredible stuff.

For now, though, our Solid Thought item is this new 10.5-inch statue of Ghostbusters’ Slimer.

It looks great. Translucent and accompanied by the familiar logo, Slimer’s an impressive, gravity-defying figure fans won’t want to miss. Plus, the aforementioned Steve Johnson? Well, he’s the original designer of the creepy green ghost and he personally created these exclusive figures in celebration of Atari’s release of the Ghostbuster game. Now available at CmdStore. Take a look!.