Iron Man 2: The War Machine Bust by Sideshow

Shipping in the 3rd quarter of this year, look for Hot Toys and Sideshow’s War Machine bust, the latest addition to our awesome collection of Marvel Sideshow figures and statues. Portrayed by Don Cheadle in this summer’s Iron Man 2, War Machine is Tony Stark’s greatest ally and an impressive superhero in his own right, clad in a considerably tougher-looking suit than his red and gold counterpart.

It boasts the following features and makes a stunning addition to any Iron Man fan’s toy shelf!
* Iconic likeness of War Machine from Iron Man 2 movie in approximately
* Approximately 9 inches / 23 cm tall
* LED-lighted eyes and heart (battery operated; AAA batteries not included)
* Shoulder-mounted gatling gun
* Metallic grey flat colored painting on armor
* Specially designed square-shaped stand supporting the bust and featuring the War Machine nameplate and movie logo

And if you’re a fan of the first movie, but haven’t snagged it yet, now’s a great time to grab it before the next one hits DVD and Blu-Ray! Here they are from!

Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition + BD Live) [Blu-ray]

Iron Man (Single-Disc Edition)