Alice and the Mad Hatter Figures Arrive!

Alice and the Mad Hatter are the first two figures from Disney and Tim Burton’s re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland. They’re six inch figures and manufactured by Medicom Toys, which essentially means that you can expect extremely high detail and a pretty stunning paint job, too. Known for their talent for likenesses, Medicom seems the perfect studio to bring Tim Burton’s vision from 3-D vision to three more tangible dimensions. Heck, just look at the label right there: ULTRA DETAIL FIGURE. So enjoy. The movie itself was a massive success, though critics didn’t seem to agree with audiences: it may have had something to do with the fact that even the most casual Tim Burton fan would probably think Alice in Wonderland to be the ultimate playground for the director’s imagination, but the end result was almost too polished and CGI-laden. Not to mention the fact that some are beginning to tire of his use (overuse?) of wife Helena Bonham-Carter and best friend Johnny Depp. But again, despite complaints, the movie definitely raked in the bucks and I’ve no doubt that whatever Burton and/or Depp roll out next will be just as big.

And if you’re looking for the film, you can snag that, too, over at!
Alice in Wonderland on DVD
Alice in Wonderland on Blu-Ray