Where to buy Silly Bandz Online?

They are the hottest new products catching the attention of school children. Available in all shapes and colors, kids just can’t get enough of them, sending parents everywhere into frantic search mode. Clever parents might use them as bribery in return for good grades or chores. Perhaps you intend to use them as party favors or as a little gift to your nieces and nephews when you go home to visit. Whatever your reason for purchasing Silly Bandz, rest assured that there are a variety of suppliers eager to help provide you with your colored bracelet fix.

Most supermarkets, convenience stores, toy stores, and malls have Silly Bandz available for sale. The rubber bands’ ascent in popularity, however, have given rise to such demand that many stores quickly run out of the product. One novelty shop storeowner reported running out of the bracelets within a mere five hours of receiving them. Silly Bandz are on backorder in many locations. If you intend to buy these bands locally you may want to consider calling stores ahead of time to see who has them in stock and who doesn’t. Storeowners can also tell you when their next shipments are to arrive and even which Silly Bandz packs will be included in them. By calling ahead, you will save time driving from store to store in search of this coveted merchandise.

Another great resource for Silly Bandz seekers is the internet. Even if every store within 50 miles of you is sold out of the hot new accessories, you can always find them for sale online. You may want to go straight to the source to buy the unique bracelets. At Cmdstore.com, you can find all the different packs available at $4.95 to $5.95 per pack of 24. You can also buy it from Amazon. There are varieties of the bands on Amazon.

You can also get Silly bandz at some Walmart stores. Walmart hasn’t caught up with this trend yet. Since not all Walmart stores sell this band, you have to ask their sales associate (to save you time) to see if they sell the bandz.