Two New Bat-Toys! Sideshow’s Sonar Batman and Ame-Comi’s Duela Dent

Hot toys and Sideshow come together once again for the recently-arrived 1:6 scalre Sonar Batman from The Dark Knight. It was a pivotal scene in the film, when Batman activated the sonar equipment installed by Lucius Fox and in doing so brought to the screen the glowing white-eyed look so iconic to Batman in the comics. Fan service? Perhaps, but it worked and worked well so it’s no surprise that it’s been commemorated in this figure.

Standing about 12 inches tall and featuring 32 points of articulation, the figure also comes with a ton of accessories and switchable parts. Grappling gun, batarangs, alternate hands and…well, it gets better as you can read in the description: “One head features the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), which allows the life-like eyeballs to be moved in any direction, much like human eyes! The alternate head features the sonar vision devise, with button cell batteries allowing the eyes to light up!”. That’s right, movable eyes and light-up ones. Does it get better? Maybe with the LED-lit stand to bathe your figure in white light on the display shelf. It’s an amazing piece for any collector.

And while we’re sure you probably already own it, how about some links to The Dark Knight on DVD and Blu-Ray, in case you’ve been remiss in picking it up…
The Dark Knight (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]

The Dark Knight (Two-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy with Exclusive Steelbook Packaging)

For Bat-fans seeking something a little different and more comic-oriented, a lesser-known character is joining a familiar line-up. Check outDuela Dent, decked out with steampunk flair Rumoured to be Joker’s daughter, but bearing the Dent surname after Harvey (and his wife, Gilda), she’s a crazed villainess who actually claims to be the child of a myriad of Batman’s rogues. Not that identity crises are anything new to the DC Universe, right? Shipping in February 2011, Duela joins the DC Direct Ame-Comi collection of PVC figures. And looks great doing it.


New Pre-Order: Iron Man 2’s Black Widow from Sideshow

Shipping in the 4th quarter of 2010, get ready for Scarlett Johansson’s red-headed femme fatale, Black Widow, to hit our shelves as part of Sideshow Toys’ stunning Marvel Iron Man collection. Naturally, the beauty the sculptors have managed to capture is impressive on its own, a show of both their talents and the the fact that Scarlett’s features as Natasha Romanoff seem a work of art in themselves. Add to that the fact that it boasts a ton of great features and this is one item you’ll definitely want to pre-order in a hurry. Here are a couple notes:
* Real fabric hair implantation
* Newly developed female TrueType body
* Approximately 28 cm tall
* Over 28 points of articulations
* Two (2) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms (one (1) pair of relaxed palms; one (1) pair for holding pistols)
* One (1) extra right gloved palm for posing on waist
* Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
* One-piece tight dark blue colored jumpsuit with one (1) belt included
* One (1) extra greyish black colored belt with pouches and pistol holster
* One (1) pair of leather-like greyish blue colored platform boots with buckles
* Two (2) pistols
* One (1) pair of bracelets with multiple-bullet design
* Figure base with Black Widow nameplate and the movie logo

Naturally, she looks pretty impressive alongside the rest of the team, from Stark to Rhodes, but lest we forget, she’s not the only new character deserving of a deluxe 12-inch rendering, but fortunately the wizards at Sideshow are already on it. We don’t have anything concrete yet, but take a look at this tantalizing preview image and click to pre-order:

A couple of the features include “a LED chest light (white light, battery operated, battery included), a metallic electricity generator with light-up function at the back, a brown jumpsuit with burning effect and holes, plus a hydraulic exoskeleton with brown-colored leather-like harness” and those are just the beginning. Naturally, when we get a look at the figure itself, we’ll be posting it right here. Until then, look forward to it!

And one more thing: If you’re looking for the original film to catch up before Iron Man 2 hits DVD and Blu-Ray,here are the Amazon links you’ll need to snag it!

Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition + BD Live) [Blu-ray]

Iron Man (Single-Disc Edition)

Boomer & Athena – Battlestar Galactica 6 Inch Figure 2-Pack

Boomer & Athena

The award-winning Battlestar Galactica series may be over, but the adventures of the Cylon Number Eight model will continue for eons to come! This all-new action figure two-pack features the two central Number Eight models – the heroic and dedicated Athena and her Cavil-friendly counterpart, Boomer! Both seven-inch figures feature multiple points of articulation and accessories from the hit show!

You can also grab DVD seasons of BSG over at!
Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

Battlestar Galactica – Season One

Battlestar Galactica – Season 2.0 (Episodes 1-10)

Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.5 (Episodes 11-20)

Battlestar Galactica – Season Three

Battlestar Galactica – Season 4.0

Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5

Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Series

Inspired by the hit Disney/Pixar film Cars, each vehicle in this assortment features a favorite character in 1:55 scale. Play out racing and chasing scenes, and for double the fun, dunk the vehicle in warm or icy cold water to make it change color.

* Turns from yellow to red and back again
* Lots of personality and cool details
* Collect them all — and keep the adventure rolling on!

Ramone's Color Change Playset

Three New Toys from Toy Story 3

From The Vancouver Sun:

Toy Story 3 is a kind of valedictory, a farewell to Andy, the little boy in the first film in 1995, and now -15 years later -grown to adolescence. He’s going off to college, and he no longer needs Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang: They’re bound for the attic, although as things develop, they wind up in the rarefied hell of the Sunnyside Day Care centre, where they are thrown against walls, put into mouths and noses, stretched, covered with goo, disassembled and, in some cases, decapitated.

It’s an intense experience, and Toy Story 3 feels like a farewell itself.

The reviews are in. Critics call it everything from melancholy to uplifting, emotional to thrilling and everything in between but with few exceptions, they all call it another Pixar masterpiece. I haven’t gotten a chance to see it (which makes me feel all kinds of guilty–this weekend, I swear!), but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Naturally, the merch has also hit the shelves and beyond the stuff we already have for the rest of the Toy Story figure and toy collection, here’s a look at three items specifically based on the third and final installment of the incredible franchise.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is a fan favourite and one of the two stars alongside Woody the Cowboy. This figure is a straight-forward Buzz, standing 6-inches tall and featuring full movie-based articulation. Whether it comes to life when you’re around or not, we cannot say. (probably)

Woody’s partner in crime and girlfriend to Buzz, Jessie here comes with loyal steed Bullseye to complete the Woody’s Round-Up Trifecta. Missing is an unpleasant Prospector, last seen headed East in a box.

Stretch is a new character for the film, voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. She works for the villainous Lotso’ Huggin at the Sunnyside Daycare and provides a challenge for Andy’s toys as they try to escape.