Lego Indiana Jones: Venice Canal Chase #7197

I remember sitting down to watch The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, based on the massively successful and brilliantly-written comics by Alan Moore. Unfortunately, the film was not nearly so intelligent and I was sorely disappointed by…essentially every aspect except for Sean Connery. But even with Connery, I was just happy to have him in the film and I can’t say he did anything particularly exemplary. But the point here is that one of the most head-scratching portions of it is the 19th century car chase through the streets of Venice. Even writing it seems wrong. And that’s why I’m pleased to say that the LEGO Indiana Jones below got it right just by using boats.

Escaping through the canals of Venice with the map to the Holy Grail, Indy and Elsa are chased by a secret order of guardians sworn to prevent the Grail from being discovered! Are a collapsing pier and a blast-apart boat enough to get them out of danger? Includes Indiana Jones, Dr. Elsa Schneider and 2 Grail Guardian figures.

* Recreate the exciting adventure from the movie The Last Crusade!
* Includes 4 minifigures: Indiana Jones, Dr. Elsa Schneider and 2 Grail Guardian figures!
* Features a collapsing bridge, breakable boat bottom, exploding motor, and secret manhole hiding place!
* Each boat measures 6¾ inches (17.1cm) long!

Reading a couple reviews, this one seems like a solid set for young and old alike, getting 5-stars left and right! It definitely has a lot more potential interactivity to it than a lot of the sets, coming with multiple characters, two boats for racing and boasting the Indiana Jones brand that can generally be assumed to mean “totally awesome” regardless of where it’s applied. Check this one out for sure.