Star Wars Lego: Separatists’ Shuttle #8036

The Separatist shuttle transports Nute Gunray to conquer, loot and battle on planets all across the galaxy! With a droid pilot and two battle droid bodyguards to carry out his orders, the Viceroy of the Trade Federation plans to recruit Onaconda Farr to the Separatist side – whether the Rodian senator likes it or not! Shuttle features movable landing gear, opening cockpit and sliding passenger compartment hatch.

Besides having one of the best names in the movies, Nute Gunray also boasts some of the strangest character design of the speaking roles.


In this figure set, he is joined by Onaconda Farr, a droid pilot, and 2 battle droids to bring you one of the coolest-looking of LEGO’s Star Wars items. The item boasts an opening cock-pit and retractable landing gear (which, yes, you will be building) as well as a secret Nute-concealing back hatch and is comprised of 257 pieces, meaning you’ll have a good time building it without dissolving into the madness that surely awaits the 800+ piece collections.

The separatists’ shuttle set is available now and reviews are generally favourable, saying that the design is a good one and the difficulties of putting it together are relatively few! A great choice for older Star Wars aficionados or their kids.

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