12-inch Blade figure from Hot Toys and Sideshow

Just in case Twilight has made you forget about the days when vampires were still scary, Sideshow has released a stunning new 12-inch figure of Wesley Snipes as the vampire-killing machine (and part vampire–there’s always self-loathing in these things), Blade.

The figure, which features a full 32 points of articulation, boasts a brilliant head sculpt and perfect likeness and generally shows all the high-quality work that always goes into Sideshow’s creations. There’s a reason they’ve got a great reputation and this figure is yet another example of how they got there.

If that’s not enough, though, take a look at some of the other features:

* Lifelike head sculpt with Blade’s signature tattoos at back
* Film-accurate costume including overcoat, black jacket, best, shirt, pants and boots
* Sunglasses
* Shoulder Holster
* Two (2) foldable glaives
* Two (2) extendable hand armors
* Sword with scabbard
* Interchangeable sword handle with blades
* Five (5) stakes
* Two (2) UV Bombs
* Machine Gun
* Two (2) Handguns
* Four (4) sets of interchangeable gloved hands
* Figure stand with Blade II movie logo and Blade nameplate