New Sideshow Figure: Final Battle John Connor

The new Final Battle John Connor figure allows you to add another Christian Bale figure to your shelf if Bruce Wayne/Batman was not enough. A rendering of the actor in the role he played in last year’s Terminator: Salvation, the 12-inch figure comes to us from Sideshow and comes with a number of film-accurate accessories to make this not only a great showpiece, but a true collector’s item.

If you’re a fan of the Terminator franchise, be sure to check it out. And here’s a list of the figure’s features and accessories!

* Field jacket
* Pants
* T-shirt
* Tactical belt
* Tactical vest
* Backpack
* Headset
* Radio with pouch
* Pistol magazine pouch
* Shoulder pad
* Drop leg panels
* Grenade with holder
* Armband
* Tactical gloves
* Assault boots
* HK416 with tactical red dot sight
* M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling
* Pistol with holster
* Fully articulated Hydrobot with light-up function
* Battle-damaged endoskeleton environmental display base