Takara’s Ultra Magnus MP-2

Much like Masters of the Universe, Transformers is one of those things I was just too young to get into. Plus, I was devoting my time to a variety of Disney shows. And Batman. In fact, mostly Batman. So when something new comes through the door here, I’m usually pretty clueless about what kind of item we’re dealing with. I know that some are deluxe and that this is a “Masterpiece” Takara import, but for the rest of the description, I think I’ll let the distributors do the talking.

Intended to reflect Ultra Magnus’ core appearance without the battle armor, the MP-02 Ultra Magnus utilizes the MP-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime mold and is similarly accompanied by a rifle, an energon axe, Matrix of Leadership accessory, and Megatron gun mode. Ultra Magnus is cited as a disciplined, varyingly self-doubting soldier with unsurpassed courage. In Transformers: The Movie, Optimus Prime passed the Matrix to Ultra Magnus, who accepted the fabled artifact reluctantly. Unfortunately, Ultra Magnus’ subsequent, brief tenure came to a crunching halt when Magnus was unsportingly waylaid by a swarm of Sweeps on Junkion.