CiNG Goes Down

When I first heard about the game Hotel Dusk for the Nintendo DS, I knew that it was exactly the kind of thing I’d been missing: a story-driven game with mystery elements and a point-and-click interface that would be as close to the Lucasarts collection as I could hope to get. When I got my hands on it, I was not disappointed in anything but the brevity of what was a very well put-together game. It had some of the best dialogue writing the Nintendo has seen in years and truly lovable characters who genuinely felt real and interesting.

They’ve announced an upcoming sequel and I look eagerly forward to its release, hoping it will provide answers to the questions that remained at the end of Hotel Dusk. Unfortunately, though, if I finish the next game without closure, I might never get it. Why not? Well…

Here’s the unfortunate news from The Nintendo World Report:

On March 1, developer Cing began the process of declaring bankruptcy in Japan. The company currently lists a debt of 256,000,000 yen (2.5 million USD), and their case is being handled by Japanese legal firm Mihoko Kido.

Cing is best known for creating the DS titles Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Trace Memory. They also produced a Wii sequel to Trace Memory (released in Japan and Europe, but not the Americas), and co-developed Little King’s Story for Wii along with Town Factory. Their last DS titles, Hotel Dusk sequel Last Window: Midnight Promise and Again: Eye of Providence, will be released later in the year.