Batman: The Brave and the Bold Figures

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is everything that the 90s Batman Animated Series wasn’t: light-hearted, bright-coloured and occasionally musical. But despite being a major departure from what Batfans have come to know and love in past years, it has managed to find a place in the hears of the new generation and proven itself to be a great entry into the Batman mythos–even with the song-and-dance numbers of Neil Patrick’s guest appearance.

Now, Mattel has released its first line of 5- and 6-inch figures based on the hit show and there are 10 figures in all, including several variations on the Dark Knight himself, Solomon Grundy and Plastic Man. Plus, you can find the Batcycle there, too, giving the world’s greatest detective the world’s coolest motocycle. Check ’em out!