The Asajj Ventress Lightsaber

We offer a selection of Star Wars lightsabers over at, weapons from both the light and dark sides of George Lucas’ epic universe. For some they are collectors items meant to be displayed on a mantelpiece and for others they are training, either for a cosplay event or the dark day when Imperial Stormtroopers really do come calling.

The latest addition to the collection hasn’t yet arrived, but is listed on the site and is available as a pre-order. Actually shipping next month, it’s the distinctive curved lightsaber of the great and terrible Asajj Ventress. Some info from her wikipedia page reads:

Ventress is a Dark Jedi, and one of Count Dooku’s Force-attuned apprentices and assassins. She is a powerful warrior with exceptional combat abilities, and desires most of all to join the Sith order. She has many distinctive Sith tattoos and wields dual curved red lightsabers. Her lightsabers can attach together at the hilt, forming a double bladed weapon with a curve in the middle.

You might need to pick up two if you’re truly going to recreate the Ventress experience, but we think you’ll do fine with one–just make sure not to run into any enemies on your way.