World of Warcraft Figures: Series 6

DC Direct’s World of Warcraft figures have already shown themselves to be an impressive line, featuring great sculpting and paintwork and generally being among the first of DC Direct’s items to really stand out from their previous licensing deals (the ones they still have with companies like Mattel–which perennially disappoint). The detail is awesome and even the articulation rarely suffers for design.

So far there have been five series of regular figures, plus premium figures and box sets and all of them have seen great sales among fans of the game, who number in the millions and are often just the kinds of people who can appreciate a well-made toy.

And lucky for them, we’ve put up the pre-orders for the next wave, which includes three new figures and ships in March. Check out our entire World of Warcraft Regular Figure section, featuring series 6’s Magni Bronzebeard, Gibzz Sparklighter and Sylvanas Windrunner, available together or as a set.