Three Upcoming Resident Evil Figures

Action figures have improved dramatically over the years, going from simple, 3-inch toys that only vaguely resembled who they were supposed to be to fully-articulated, highly-detailed mini-sculptures of everything from real-life baseball players to mythical creatures to superheroes. But even in the modern age, certain little details can still get lost, subtle things like tears in clothing, birthmarks and hairstyles. There’s one new figure on its way though, that I have to really congratulate for getting it right. It’s The Hunter from Resident Evil Archives and it features drool:

Loving it. He’s part of the second series of Resident Evil Archives toys, flanked by a Labcoat Zombie and Jill Valentine in this grouping and following Chris Redfield, Zombie with Dock and a creepy creature known only as a Licker.

You can check out the whole line of figures over in our Resident Evil section over at