Albert Wesker: 12-inch Resident Evil Figure

The newest arrival in our Resident Evil section (the last Resident Evil post dealt with pre-orders) is this 12-inch Sideshow figure of Albert Wesker…

As you can probably gather from the picture, this is high-end item that is definitely intended for the die-hard fans of the massively popular Resident Evil series (known as Bio Shock internationally, which makes me wonder what Bioshock is called…). While there are 6-inch figures and a number of accessories related to the game, the upper echelon of RE merch is reserved for things like this. But in any event, I’m sure I could tell you anything I wanted about the figure and it will still be sure to separate the superfans from the more casual gamers. Either way, I think we’ll let the specs below speak for themselves.

* Hot Toys TrueType figure body with over 36 points of articulation
* Battery-operated illuminated red eyes (button cell batteries included)
* Trench coat
* Zip-up op
* Pants
* Boots
* Knife
* Samurai Edge handgun
* H&K MP5 machinegun
* Hydra shotgun
* L. Hawk Magnum
* Laser targeting device
* Shoulder holster
* Smart phone
* Sunglasses
* Watch
* Two sets of interchangeable hands
* 12-inch figure stand with Bio Hazard 5 logo and Albert Wesker nameplate