Jerome Iginla Figure Team Canada

Jerome Iginla Figure Team Canada

Surprise…surprise….took a stroll at Wal-mart today and found these pretty cool hockey figures sitting on the shelf. It appears to be exclusive to Walmart Canada at this time. The McFarlane Team Canada 2010 Hockey series includes: Sidney Crosby, Jarome Iginla, and Roberto Luongo.

By the way, bumped into Roberto at The Keg in Old Montreal this past summer (super nice guy…and surprising taller that he looks compared to my hockey card photo). Ahh…nothing beats a big piece of Canadian Beef (talking ’bout the Ribeye at The Keg…not Roberto!).

The Keg's Ribeye Steak

We have a very limited amount of figures available….Buy them here.

  1. hi there, This review was done prior to cenonct to the internet as we recieved the leappad pre release, once we cenonct to the internet a couple of thinsg altered, there is now sneak peeks’ tab which does show games available, but my children have not been bothered by this tab and unless you click on to it you don’t see any form of adverts if you do click on it then it brings up a list of available games, which is actually quite good at taking a look at what the games are like

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