Conan the Barbarian Figure – Temple of the Serpent

The California Governor just keeps on rolling (sort of like the Duracell Bunny).  While surfing I found a really neat moving Gif of Arnold Raving.  Yes, he is Raving!  Check it out:

Arnold Raving

Ok…he’s not at a rave party but appears to be on a beach…..but you gotta admit he is pretty good.   If he was doing it on a dark dance floor, we would all be mesmerized.

While I have your attention focused on those biceps….we did get a new Conan the Barbarian figure called Temple of the Serpent.  You can pick it up from our website:

Conan the Barbarian Figure


Princess Adora Exclusive Figure

Princess Adora Figure

We finally got our shipment of Adora from  Princess Adora is fully-articulated and sculpted with amazing detail by the Four Horsemen. She comes complete with:

* Removable holster
* Horde Force Captain blaster
* Sword of Protection

Do I need to say anything more?  Actually, I should say one thing:  “By the power of greyskull! I have the power!” Dawg….He-Man Rocks!

Vancouver Olympics 2010 Toys

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Just a little reminder that we are selling out fast….we have these cute little Mascot toys based on the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (my personal favorite is:  Quatchi).

Designer Vinyl Action Figures, Official Licensed Merchandise The designer vinyl toys feature the 3 official mascots Miga, Quatchi, Sumi – along with their mini sidekick Mukmuk. The 3 official mascots are available both as individual figures, and together as part of a special collector’s set of 4 figures with an exclusive Mukmuk and his foam finger.

We are not allowed to sell them from our website however, you can place your order by phone.   Or, if you happen to be in Montreal or Ottawa, you can drop by and check them out at our retail location.  For more details on this product,  please click the image below.  If you would like to place a  phone order, please call toll free: 1-877-731-3940 (don’t be shy, leave us a message if we’re not in and we will get back to you).Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Toys

1539 Van Horne Avenue
(Near Outremont Metro)
Montreal, QC H2V 1L4

RioCan Marketplace Center
130 RioCan Ave, Unit #3
Nepean, ON, K2J 5G4
Ph: 613-825-0688

Masters of the Universe: Reissued Skeletor Figure

Before he was a derisive word for the too-thin (or a sarcastically derisive word for the too-fat), Skeletor was the arch-nemesis of He-Man. As with the Battle Cat post, I have to admit that I am definitely not very knowledgeable about the Masters of the Universe (Is He-Man one of them? If not, who the heck are they?). Really, all I can add to this post is that Skeletor always made me wonder why calling someone Skeletor meant that they were thin, when in fact Skeletor was totally ripped:

This reissued Skeletor figure stands roughly 6 inches tall and comes with a sword I can only imagine is extremely relevant to the plot (Eventually I will have to learn more than “looks cool” about these figures and this collection as a whole). He joins a bunch of other reissues and a selection of brand-new pieces over in’s Masters of the Universe section. Check it out!

New Nightmare on Elm Street Poster

There’s a brand new poster out for this year’s remake/reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. We’ve already seen Freddy’s complete new look in the A Nightmare on Elm Street action figures, but nevertheless the foreboding new poster makes us wonder what lurks in the shadow of the hat and just how terrifying it’s going to be. Some might lament the apparent loss of the humour that seems to be the hallmark of modern remakes (grim grittiness = awesome?), but at least the poster indicates that they’ve still got the original in mind.

I suppose I could have done without the added details of the beat-up hat and torn sweater (if he’s an immortal dream monster, why does he only have one set of clothes?), but I think we can all just keep our fingers crossed for the best while expecting the worst and try to enjoy the ride.

For the rest of our Nightmare on Elm Street items, from posters to figures, check our the Nightmare on Elm Street section over at CmdStore!

Batman Ame-Comi Action Figure

The popular Ame-Comi series from DC Direct takes your favourite heroines and villainesses of the DC Universe and gives them an anime makeover. Each one is a statue or action figures and manages to make the costumes even more impractical than usual, but at least makes them look very, very cool. And now, it’s not just for the ladies anymore. Batman has joined the party.

I admit that I’m a person so dedicated to the look of Batman and his universe that playing Arkham Asylum included having to overcome the wildly different outfit they forced on Harley Quinn. But nevertheless, I can admire some different interpretations and this does at least fit in with the rest of the series Ame-Comi. He stands about 8 inches tall, though he is hunched over, and comes handpainted with a stylish stand for display on a toyshelf. Despite the name, though, he is more PVC figurine than action figure, as he is not articulated.

Though he definitely has the coolest look of any of the DC men, we can only hope that this is a trend that continues to see the likes of Superman, Green Lantern and–with luck–The Joker.

Conans: The Barbarian + O’Brien

There’s a brand new arrival over in our Conan the Barbarian section on, which comes as a surprise to me given the distance between this and the ending of the films. The titular Barbarian, after all, has become Governor of California and seems very far removed from his axe-swinging past. Nevertheless, fans can snag this 6-inch NECA Cult Classic figure of Temple of the Serpent Conan.

A likely explanation for the renewed interest in the franchise, though, comes with the all the recent news about the Conan the Barbarian reboot film (Hollywood sure is creative!). The most recent info informs us that Mickey Rourke might be playing Conan’s father, but we shall see whether any of that pans out come 2011.

There’s also the story of another newly-arriving Conan. Namely, this one:

He’s on Twitter! Find him at @ConanOBrien to add him to your twit-list. Here’s the news from Zap2it:

Conan O’Brien, who made fun of Twitter a whole bunch during his “Tonight Show” stint, has joined Twitter.

The sum total of his output (Twitter has verified it’s actually O’Brien) as of 11 a.m. PT Thursday is a single tweet: “Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.” But that single update — funny, and also a little bit heartbreaking — has been enough to collect more than 260,000 followers — more than three times as many as the official NBC/Jay Leno page (@jayleno).

Now, a big Twitter following has very little to do with TV ratings. We just found the numbers interesting, and perhaps an indication that members of Team Coco are still thinking about their guy. Plus, the profile picture is a good one, with O’Brien sporting his hiatus beard and a chimpanzee hanging onto his neck.

As part of his exit deal from NBC, O’Brien has to stay off the air until September. There have been rumblings about him doing a live stage show, but no concrete plans for it have emerged.

The Wolfman: The Toy and a Quick Review

Anyone who knows me can tell you that there are two actors I will watch in anything: Liam Neeson and Benicio Del Toro. And so, when I heard that Benicio would be doing a remake of the Wolfman about two years ago, I was thrilled that I would be able to see Del Toro in something that promised blockbuster-style action–and in a Victorian setting to boot. The delays worried me, indicating that the movie might not be up to snuff, but I still bought my tickets for the very first night when at last it opened February 12th.

I wasn’t…disappointed. But I wasn’t thrilled either. It was a solid monster movie, atmospheric and beautiful when not splashed with blood and gore. The sets were beautiful, the acting competent (especially the always-delightful Hugo Weaving), but the story itself felt as though it had been cut out of something greater. Unlike most movies nowadays, which seem to regale in their length, I actually felt that this one sold itself short by, well, shortening itself. The characters were underdeveloped and the plot devices and twists felt rushed, but underneath it all there seemed to be some greater thread and richer story. I’m hoping that the DVD release ends up filling in the gaps that the film seemed to show, but overall I had a good time watching. Might not pay full price again, but it was $12.50 well-spent.

And while we’re here, how about a look at the figure from the movie? This, at least, does not disappoint in the least.

Available in 6-inch or 12-inch forms, Benicio’s Lawrence Talbot is a terrifying creature with snarling lips and vicious claws rendered expertly by the folks at Mezco. Available both clean and bloody from a recent kill, it’s a great addition to any fan’s toyshelf.