World’s Greatest DC Heroes: Retro Plush Dolls

Planning to take a trip down the proverbial Memory Lane? We’ve got some pre-orderable items that you might want to take with you!

Firstly there’s the five-figure line of toys from the folks at DC Direct, shipping in March of this year. Comprised of Green Arrow, Superman, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern and Sinestro, it’s the first series to capture not only the look of the old-school items, but the feel, crafted partially in plush like the old MEGO figures. In fact, even the boxes for these 8” figures are retro-styled so whether you’re someone who plays with your toys or prefers them in mint condition, the feel will be the same. Take a look!

But that’s not all that’s hitting shelves and bringing classic charm with it: look out for DC Direct’s deluxe 12” figure of Alan Scott, the DC Universe’s original Green Lantern and discoverer of the very first power ring wielded by a mortal man.

The figure features 28 points of articulation and real fabric clothing, which boasts impressive detail and truly captures the spirits of both the figures and the era. This item ships in September of this year, but you can already pre-order it to make sure it’s coming your way A.S.A.P.