Clash of the Titans Figures: Perseus x 2

Currently seen in blue in James Cameron’s AVATAR and already boasting a Terminator film under his belt, Sam Worthington seems poised to take Hollywood by storm as its newest action hero. Next up is his role as Perseus in the big-budget, high-octane remake of The Clash of the Titans. The movie also stars Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton. In fact, here’s a look at the trailer for no reason but that I will do anything to watch it. It looks AWESOME. Despite being a huge fan of the original myths, this is one massively inaccurate blockbuster I can’t wait to see.


But getting back to the point, we’ve got some new toys on the way from NECA. Here’s a peek, but it’s only a prototype and, as the picture suggests, we canexpect a better look at the finished item soon. There are only two on their way, both shipping in March, and one is normal Perseus while the other is battle-damaged. I’m personally disappointed we aren’t seeing any other figures, but here’s hoping that the movie’s likely success gets NECA working on the rest of the cast!