Marvel Select Restock: They’re baaaaack!

For anyone unlucky enough to miss these figures the first time around, we’ve just gotten a re-stock on four of the most popular items from our Marvel Select collection. Check ’em out!

THANOS Marvel Select Figure
“Cosmic Villain” Thanos sold out quickly, likely due to the renewed interest in Iron Man brought by the film (Thanos featured heavily in a number of IM storylines). Or maybe it’s because his incredible powers and insanely muscular design are just the thing, it seems, that comic book and action figure collectors are seeking.

Dr. Doom Marvel Select Figure
The unfortunately-named Victor Von Doom, arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four, is one of Marvel’s best-known villains and it’s no surprise that collectors are after every Doom figure they can get their hands on. He’s got a cool design and this Marvel Select rendering is particularly nice, even featuring an interchangeable hand for when he needs to celebrate with a goblet of something from his evil vineyard.

Captain America Marvel Select Figure
Everybody loves an unmasked variant, but there’s just something special about the classic design of a character and those tend to be the ones that fly off the shelves first. Fortunately, we’ve now restocked everyone’s favourite American hero and you can snag Captain America once again!

Black Cat Marvel Select Figure
Well, there are some things that don’t need any analysis: why was this sold out? Because hot action figures of women in tight costumes are always the first to go. Here’s a Black Cat re-stock for anyone who missed the first round.