Montreal’s Best Comic Stores/Shops

Best Montreal Comic Book Shop
What makes a comic shop unique is its community, location and, over time, an organic familiarity with a shop that is necessary to picking out the latest issues or items of interest. Also, there will be comic book geeks hanging around who can spend hours debating the recent trails and taunts of fictional superheroes and villains (which I love).

Montreal’s comic shops have dwindled since the huge popularity and sales in the early 1990s. All thats left is a handful of shops. They are the survivors. Some have moved multiple times, others are just where they have always been, and some have expanded and others should have expanded a long time ago. In no particular order, here is a list of comic book shops in Montreal:

Carsleys Comics
1117 St-Catherine St. W. #917 (9th floor), Montreal, PQ, H3B 1H9
Ph: (514) 289-9761

Astro Books / Librairie Astro
1844 Sainte-Catherine St. W., Montreal, PQ, H3H 1M1
Ph: (514) 932-1139

1,000,000 Comix
1418 Pierce, Montreal, PQ, H3H 2K2
Ph: (514) 989-9587

1,000,000 Comix
3868 Jean-Talon E., Montreal, PQ, H2A 1Y4
Ph: (514) 725-1355

Komico, Inc.

4954 Decarie #200, Montreal, PQ, H3X 2H7
Ph: (514) 489-4009

Did I miss a store? Please feel free to post your comments below.