Avatar Toys Have Avatars

From Geek Chic!

James Cameron's Avatar Action Figures
We’ve had the Avatar figures for a few months now….and I just got the chance to play with them. The toys themselves are nothing particularly revolutionary. (Unless you’ve long been clamoring for something that looked like a smurf—but lankier.) What’s impressive are the toys i-TAG augmented reality cards.

First, download some software. Then, hold the card up to your computer’s webcam. The software will overlay a 3D digital image of the toy on the web cam footage, as if that toy is hovering on the i-TAG card. Move the card around and the image moves with it. Push buttons on the card and the virtual toy will maneuver or open fire. To get a better idea of what that means, check out the demonstration video below. Sure, it’s not as revolutionary as what you’ll see in theaters, but go ahead and check it out anyway. It’s pretty cool.