Two NEW Ame-Comi Figures!

I promise to give Marvel some love in a moment, but here’s another post about new pre-orders from the folks at DC Direct. Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews (and the second one designed by Dustin Nguyen), here are the two new items from the highly acclaimed Ame-Comi PVC figure collection, blending anime and Western comic book characters to create some pretty cool looks…

Here’s the second version of Supergirl, a different take on the character that I have to say I prefer. Her costume is definitely an improvement over the last one and I can almost forgive the ditzy look on her face as she looks at herself in the mirror if only because she’s apparently ripped it off a probably-speeding car.

Now here’s a girl who looks like a hero. Unlike the cutesy stance given to Supergirl, Wondergirl and a few others in the collection, Steel stands with some dignity in the vein of Wonder Woman and Catwoman from the collection. She stands with her weapon held proudly, tall and unafraid. Equally impressive is the size of her thighs, which shows the muscle definition one should expect in a woman who does the work she does. This might just be a favourite.