Mass Effect Toys: Shipping this Fall!

An incredible, sweeping sci-fi epic, Mass Effect (and perhaps some of the mild controversy it caused with a few select scenes) and its sequel have garnered legions of fans. And what happens when you get enough gamers passionate about a franchise?

DC Direct makes action figures of it! And everybody wins.

The first series of 6-inch figures has only been seen in photos like the one above, which showcases the prototypes of the first four figures: Thane, Tali, Shepard and Grunt. If the images there are any indication, this is going to be a very nice-looking and detailed line. I really am impressed with the way that DC Direct has stepped up and gone beyond its own cast of characters to acquire the licenses for a ton of other awesome lines. They’re beginning to broaden their own definition and it’s great, leaving their own mark rather than following Marvel and signing with manufacturers who too often cut and run.

In any event, back to Mass Effect 2 toys: Super-fans can actually pre-order now, though the figures themselves will only be shipping in August of this year. In the meantime, the uninitiated can check out the game over at!
Mass Effect for XBox 360
Mass Effect 2 for XBox 360
Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition

Mass Effect can also be purchased from the creators at EA Games! Check it out, along with a wide range of their other hugely successful games.