Resistance: Fall of Man – The Figures Arrive

Back in November, we featured a post about the DC Direct figures based on Resistance: Fall of Man. At the time, you could see the prototypes and place pre-orders for the upcoming figures, but now we’re pleased to say they’ve arrived and look every bit as good as we expected!

DC Direct has really been showing themselves to be experts in sculpting and design, exceeding much of what Marvel’s been doing and seeming to be leaning in a direction reminiscent of McFarlane’s work. That’s definitely a good thing for action figure fans, of course, since licenses like Batman and World of Warcraft are at the mercy of their manufacturers. Take a look at what they’ve done for this game!

The first series is comprised of Nathan Hale as well as a Ravager, Chimera Advanced Hybrid and Steelhead. You can snag ’em over in our Resistance section. Or, if you’re looking for the game itself or its strategy guide, look no further than!

Resistance: Fall Of Man for PS3
Resistance: Retribution for PSP
Resistance: Fall of Man Signature Series Players Guide (Bradygames Signature)