Red Hulk having a Chunky Time!

Red Hulk from the Marvel Select series is my favorite friend. He follows me everywhere….but he has to eat freakin’ 10 times a day. He’s always hungry so I have to pack lots of extra meals to go!

Red Hulk loves southern comfort food but it is hard to find it up in the North. According to my little buddy, Campbell’s Chunky Chicken and Sausage Gumbo soup hits the spot…..if it’s good enough for him….I recommend it too!

Red Hulk Figure with Chunky Soup


Clash of the Titans Figures: Perseus x 2

Currently seen in blue in James Cameron’s AVATAR and already boasting a Terminator film under his belt, Sam Worthington seems poised to take Hollywood by storm as its newest action hero. Next up is his role as Perseus in the big-budget, high-octane remake of The Clash of the Titans. The movie also stars Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Gemma Arterton. In fact, here’s a look at the trailer for no reason but that I will do anything to watch it. It looks AWESOME. Despite being a huge fan of the original myths, this is one massively inaccurate blockbuster I can’t wait to see.


But getting back to the point, we’ve got some new toys on the way from NECA. Here’s a peek, but it’s only a prototype and, as the picture suggests, we canexpect a better look at the finished item soon. There are only two on their way, both shipping in March, and one is normal Perseus while the other is battle-damaged. I’m personally disappointed we aren’t seeing any other figures, but here’s hoping that the movie’s likely success gets NECA working on the rest of the cast!

World’s Greatest DC Heroes: Retro Plush Dolls

Planning to take a trip down the proverbial Memory Lane? We’ve got some pre-orderable items that you might want to take with you!

Firstly there’s the five-figure line of toys from the folks at DC Direct, shipping in March of this year. Comprised of Green Arrow, Superman, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern and Sinestro, it’s the first series to capture not only the look of the old-school items, but the feel, crafted partially in plush like the old MEGO figures. In fact, even the boxes for these 8” figures are retro-styled so whether you’re someone who plays with your toys or prefers them in mint condition, the feel will be the same. Take a look!

But that’s not all that’s hitting shelves and bringing classic charm with it: look out for DC Direct’s deluxe 12” figure of Alan Scott, the DC Universe’s original Green Lantern and discoverer of the very first power ring wielded by a mortal man.

The figure features 28 points of articulation and real fabric clothing, which boasts impressive detail and truly captures the spirits of both the figures and the era. This item ships in September of this year, but you can already pre-order it to make sure it’s coming your way A.S.A.P.

Nightmare on Elm Street 2010: Freddy Krueger Figures!

The new, considerably more unnerving Freddy Krueger will be slashing his way into theatres (and nightmares) April 30th. But as usual, the film’s release is preceded by the action figures so here are the two new figures we’ve gotten of Jackie Earle Haley as the ravamped Freddy Krueger, taking over the role where Robert Englund left off and lending a far darker feel.

You can see Freddy here in both states: the vicious child murderer he was in life and the malevolent undead monster he would become following his death by fire. It’s clear that they went for a more realistic look here, reminiscent of actual burn victims, but whether this take on the character will be successful remains to be seen.

Each figure stands about 6 inches tall (though most figured nowadays tend to run a little larger than that) and the fact that they’re from NECA translates to expert sculpting and painting. Anyone looking forward to the film should check these ones out, but fans of the franchise as a whole will also be sure to find a ton of movie merch over in our Nightmare on Elm Street section.

Yankees World Series 2009 Baseball Figures!

I’ve been collecting action figures since I was a kid. I started out with Batman, expanded into the DC universe and would later go into a number of fandoms from Hellboy to Pirates of the Caribbean to Legacy of Kain. One thing, though, that I never understood was the passionate love for figures of athletes. Never a sports fan, I always thought it seemed strange to collect figures of real people: what was the charm in having something smaller than life without any fantastic elements at all?

Clearly, I was mistaken. As I would later learn, sports figures are among the most popular out there and are well on their way to totally replacing trading cards. Who knew? Over in our sports section, you can check out MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL figures from the folks at McFarlane. But first, here’s an item we just added to CmdStore…

The New York Yankees have won 27 World Series titles, the most in Major League Baseball history! McFarlane Toys is proud to commemorate this historic achievement with a World Series Champions Yankee 4-Pack Boxed Set.

This boxed set honors the Yankees “Core Four” — Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera — for winning five World Series titles with the New York Yankees between 1996 and 2009. Each player played a significant role in bringing home the title for the Yankees. Catcher Jorge Posada batted .333 during the 1998 World Series and blasted a home run in Game 2. Pitcher Mariano Rivera was the 1999 World Series MVP. Derek Jeter won the 2000 World Series MVP after batting .409, hitting two home runs, a triple and two doubles during the five game contest. Finally, Pitcher Andy Pettitte had the unique distinction of picking up the clinching win in all three rounds of the 2009 postseason.

Legends Action Figures – Largest Toy Store in Montreal

Legends Action Figures store
The largest collectible toy store in Montreal is Legends Action Figures tucked away on Saint Hubert street in central Montreal. They are a short walk away from Metro Jean Talon (subway station). Wide selection and friendly service…I give their store a big thumbs up.

Legends Action Figures Shop

Hours of Operation:
Sunday: Noon – 5PM
Monday to Wednesday: 10AM – 6PM
Thursday and Friday: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday: 10AM – 5PM

7378 St-Hubert
Montreal, Qc, H2R 2N3

Legends Action Figures map

Sorry folks…but they went out of business.

Otakuthon 2010 Anime Convention Date (August 13-14-15)


It’s on…..Otakuthon is back, Quebec’s largest anime convention promoting Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), related gaming and Japanese pop-culture has set a date for 2010. It will be a 3 day event (Aug. 13-15) held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is a non-profit, fan-run anime convention that was initiated by Concordia University’s anime club, named “Otaku Anime of Concordia University” (Otaku Anime for short). The name “Otakuthon” is a portmanteau of the Japanese word “otaku” and “marathon”.

Show Date: August 13-15, 2010
Location: Palais des Congres de Montreal

For more information on the show, click the banner:

Some links for you to check out:

Official Site:

Facebook link:

Otaku Anime of Concordia University: