James Cameron, fan get in argument over ‘Avatar’ autograph

james cameronJames Cameron and one of his fans weren’t exactly full of holiday cheer on Wednesday night; rather, they chose to fling a few choice words at each other after a dispute over an autograph.

Here’s pretty much what happened: a fan approached the Oscar-winning director at LAX in hopes of getting his “Avatar” poster autographed; when Cameron turned it down, saying “he didn’t owe” the fan a signature, that’s where the fan goes ballistic. He accuses the director of not caring about his fans, and then goes on a tirade talking about how he paid $15 to see “Avatar” and can’t even get a signature in return.

Of course, there’s a chance that this guy was making the entire story up to sell the poster online; either way, should a director be obligated to sign the poster for a “fan?” Check out the video here (with a warning for language) and let me know what you think!

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