Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth Action Figure

The Joker might corner the market on Evil Clowns, but it isn’t a monopoly. From Stephen King’s Pennywise to Are You Afraid of the Dark’s Zeebo, the painted, grinning faces have been scaring (and thrilling) audiences for years. But if you were a gamer in the 90s, then you might add another to that list: Twisted Metal’s most popular character, Sweet Tooth.

His flaming clown head burning on the cover of every entry to the Twisted Metal franchise, he was one of the emblems that would come to represent the rise of Sony’s Playstation.

And now, finally, he is brought to life in the real world by the folks at DC Direct–and with their expertise both in figured and the evil clown subject matter, it’s sure to be a stunning piece. You can already pre-order the 6-inch figure now, though it ships in August 2010! ‘Til then, book mark this page for updates!