New from Sideshow/Hot Toys: SONAR Batman

The Sideshow and Hot Toys line of 12-inch Batman figures represents the pinnacle of high-end toys, bringing to a collector’s shelf all that was and is awesome about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The detail on the expressions, every smeared bit of makeup on The Joker’s face or indent in Batman’s thick rubber armor is reflected in these items. The sculptors have truly outdone themselves.

Having already seen the release of multiple Batman Begins and revamped TDK Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Bank Heist Joker and Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Hot Toys now brings us a figure that captures one of the most exciting scenes in the film, which sees Batman forced to use echolocation to find his enemies, thus getting the signature all-white eyes we see so often in the comics. It’s an awesome part of the movie and makes a great figure.