Takara Transformers: Starscream and Skywarp

I won’t profess to know too much about Transformers–I’ve always been a Batman fan and my knowledge of the DC Universe is generally my only area of full-on geek expertise. But if there’s one way to win me over to another fandom, it’s to put a cape on it. Which is exactly what’s been done with the two newest additions to our Takara Transformers collection. While looking for figures to post about, I read the words ‘crown’ and ‘cape’ and was already sold.

Frankly, though, I have to ask what the Cybertronian tailors are usually doing with their time because as I understand it, there aren’t a lot of occasions on which clothes are needed for the robots in disguise. But whatever the answer is, they’ve made some fine capes for these metal men and you can snag ’em now over in the Transformers section of CmdStore.

Also new from Transformers, look out for new figures from this summer’s Transformers 2, some Generation 1 reissues (like the Insecticons 3-pack exclusive) and some new items for the Encore collection. Check ’em all out!