Brad Pitt acquires DARK VOID

It’s hard to come up with even the beginnings of a list of successful, high-quality video game movies and it’s more than just Uwe Boll: there seems to be a conflict between what the moviemakers think their audience wants and what viewers are actually paying to see. When Tomb Raider is considered a relative critical darling, you know the genre’s in trouble.

Which is why there’s some hope in the fact that Brad Pitt has now acquired the rights to produce a film version of the upcoming game Dark Void. Some might wonder why they should trust the actor’s choice, but his track record includes The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Departed, God Grew Tired of Us, Running with Scissors and 2010’s Kick-Ass. So if that’s any indication, look forward to Dark Void being potentially becoming a legitimately good adaptation.

Here’s a look at the game’s trailer…

For more , here’s Steven Zeitchik’s article from Yahoo News.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – “Dark Void” will yield movie development matter.

Indian giant Reliance BIG Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B shingle are developing a film version of the upcoming video game, and Pitt could well star as the lead combatant.

The two firms have acquired rights to the Capcom third-person shooter and will develop the material as a feature. The companies said the project would be a “potential starring vehicle” for Pitt. No writers have been hired yet.

“Void” centers on a cargo pilot named Will (Pitt’s presumed character) who, after crashing in the Bermuda Triangle, ends up in a parallel universe where a band of humans must fight an alien threat that had long been thought extinct. Will and the other humans are outmanned but have a number of weapons and powers to help them beat back the alien incursion.

The game will be released for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in January.

The project is the first to come out of a development partnership between Plan B and Reliance that was announced at the Cannes festival in 2008. The Indian giant has deals with a number of other Hollywood production banners, including Julia Roberts’ Red Om and George Clooney’s Smokehouse.

Video games have had a mixed record on the big screen, with title likes “Max Payne” mutating into critical and commercial flops. But executive involved in this deal pointed to the advantages a “Dark Void” movie would have over its predecessors.

“As a game, ‘Dark Void’ was developed with a wide-screen mentality — a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale,” Capcom senior vice president of licensing Germaine Gioia said.

And if you’re among the many looking to get your hands on Darv Void for your console of choice, you can find it over at!

Dark Void for Playstation 3
Dark Void for XBox 360
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